About the Beaumont Aged Care team

Beaumont Aged Care are specialists who will work with you and your loved ones to help with the transition to aged care.

Making a decision about aged care, whether it be moving to a specialised facility or organising in-home help, can be a stressful and confusing time. Our research and advice will remove the uncertainty. We will advise you on all the options around selecting the right residential care facility and the costs associated with it, funding available for in-home care and strategic advice on holding versus selling the family home.

We are passionate about helping you through the process. We enjoy spending time getting to know you and helping you make the decision about what option is the best fit for your needs. We do all of this while making sure you are getting the most out of the available funding.

Services We Offer

We offer you an end to end process, which:
  • saves you time and stress
  • helps you decide which in-home care options or care facility best suit your needs and budget
  • protects your family’s life savings by walking you through the associated costs
  • helps you feel less overwhelmed
  • advises you about your options around selling vs keeping the family home
  • gives you peace of mind
  • identifies if the facilities you’re interested in have registered complaints against them or are not following their legal requirements.

We don’t end the relationship once you’ve moved into a residence or settled into an in-home care service either. We check in with you within the first year to make sure that your chosen option is working right for you.

Join the discussion

Often family are the first to ask if in-home care or an aged care residence is needed for their loved one. Maybe they visit their parents and notice the house is not as clean as it normally is. Or there is no food in the pantry, even though their older sister used to make large and filling family meals whenever they visited. Dad might have bruises from falling, or Mum may appear confused. Family may just “have a feeling” that their mother, father, uncle, aunt or other loved one seems to be struggling with independent living. How do you start a conversation about aged care?

In addition to our individual services, Beaumont Aged Care also offers free resources and discussion groups about the aged care industry and how to manage these conversations. Contact us today for further information about these resources.

Naomi Anderson Aged Care Ready

About our Beaumont Aged Care team

We are a team of advisors who have various accreditations and experience throughout the aged care industry. Associate Director Naomi Anderson has over 13 years’ experience in aged care. She is a Registered Nurse with experience in management, and has a great understanding of the workings of aged care facilities, along with a thorough understanding of client needs.

Naomi has a passion for advocacy and thrives on being able to assist her clients in finding the best provider for their needs – be that in-home help, respite care or placement into an aged care facility.

“We take care of the heavy lifting by providing advice to help you make the right decision for your needs and budget. We are passionate about creating a future where our clients will be happy, healthy and supported.”

Understanding and advice as you enter this next life stage