Bayswater Industrial Forum

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About the Bayswater Industrial Forum

The Beaumont Industrial Forum is a unique collaboration space for business owners and directors. It is a place for professionals in Bayswater and the eastern suburbs of Melbourne to meet like-minded people who are focused on taking their company to the next level.

With evening and weekend occasions covering topics that are of direct interest to you, the Bayswater Industrial Forum events are something you do not want to miss! Events include panel discussions, lectures and networking gatherings.

Come along to the Bayswater Industrial Forum and see the tools it will give you to grow your business, while further expanding your professional network.


Do you have valuable information to share?

We are always on the lookout for interesting speakers who want to impart their knowledge with attendees of the Bayswater Industrial Forums. Do you have information that you think may help your fellow business owners? Do you know the pathway to success?

Contact us by following the link below to express your interest in being involved with the Bayswater Industrial Forum.


Next Event

The Bayswater Industrial Forum is already mapping out the next event, so we’re ready when the current gathering and work restrictions are lifted. Watch this space!

Collaborate, share and grow at the Bayswater Industrial Forum