Bayswater Industrial Forum

Bayswater Industrial Forum


Is a unique collaboration space created specifically for Business Owners and Directors who manage production businesses within the Eastern Growth Corridor of Victoria.


If your business is in Bayswater, Bayswater North, Boronia, Scoresby, Kilsyth, Ringwood and yes even Dandenong – you are welcome to join us.

Do you sometimes wish you could have an objective business discussion about issues important to the growth and success of your business… but battle to find a discussion partner who will challenge your thinking?


Bayswater Industrial Forum has been created  directly as a result of what many of our clients have said they wanted – a place where they could :

  • Talk about important issues affecting their business and their industry,
  • Listen to people who have different but relevant experience and insights,
  • Learn from people who have, or are, walking in their shoes,
  • Have fun with people who support the need for a good laugh, even in a drama,
  • Feel secure that thoughts and insights are handled with confidentiality,
  • Access specialists who come willing to share their wisdom and experiences, so that everyone feels supported and encouraged whilst growing their business in a turbulent environment.

Held at the end of the work day, for 1 – 1.5 hours, we invite 3 – 4 guest specialists to share their insights and projections about a topical business trend that is affecting us all.

Over a glass or mug, ask your questions and learn from the shared insights amongst peers.

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These are development seminars lasting about 3 – 4 hours, facilitated by specialists who are responding to particular topics, trends and processes which are essential for the growth and performance improvement.


These practical, up to date seminars give you a relevant plan on how to implement your learnings and insights.

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We are serious about creating a space for business owners and directors that is both supportive but challenging; relevant but different; interactive but personal; all whilst actively supporting the thinking necessary to drive companies to their next level of performance and profitability.

Our Members typically are

  • Business Owners, Managing Directors, Directors or General Managers
  • Have been running their business profitably for 4+ years
  • Have a conscious focus to grow – both performance and profits
  • Involved in manufacturing, logistics or export activities
  • Aware they want objective information and insights to support their thinking and decision making.
Business owner seeking growth opportunities


Not a Member yet?

Contact us to discuss membership now on  – 03 9726 9822