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Many people are surprised when they are declined for finance due to an issue with their credit file. This can be especially stressful when they’re hoping to buy a house or refinance their mortgage, or take out a personal loan to cover an emergency situation.

Beaumont Credit Repair offers professional credit repair services to help you get the finance you need. Don’t miss out on your dream car or the perfect house in a good suburb because you can’t get finance.

What does it mean when I’m told there is an issue or ‘black mark’ on my credit file?

When you purchase goods or services, and agree to pay for them at a later date, you are receiving them on credit. This means you have ‘promised to pay’ for the goods in an agreed timeframe. Common examples include mobile telephone and internet, electricity, building works and deferred payment methods using credit cards or Afterpay.

If you do not pay your bill on time, the organisation may choose to report your late payment to credit reporting bodies or register a default listing against you. This is retained on your ‘credit file’ for a length of time and may be viewed by other organisations as part of their consideration about whether to offer you credit or not, or whether they should charge you a higher interest rate because you’re considered a risk.

What does Beaumont Credit Repair offer?

To assist their clients, Beaumont Credit Repair utilises over ten years’ experience in investigations and dispute resolution, including helping people resolve issues with their credit file.

We will act for you as an advocate in the process of addressing your credit file issues. We will keep you informed and set your expectations as to what we can offer you. Some default listings or other items on your credit file are fair and cannot be removed, but a lot of them are not. We will fight for you to either have your credit file cleaned, or explain why items can’t be removed and what that means for you.

Let us do the hard work, including making all the calls and sending all the emails, and waiting for callbacks. Our experience in investigations, dispute resolution and fraud and corruption means we know what questions to ask and who to speak with.

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How do I view my credit file?

There are three credit reporting companies in Australia, and they all rate your credit file in slightly different ways. There may also be some differences in items on your credit file because a company making an enquiry or lodging a default may not register with all three companies.

You may be able to request a free copy of your report, for example some companies offer one free credit report each year. The three credit reporting companies are listed below; however, if you’re having any difficulty please contact us for assistance.

Beaumont Credit Repair offers free advice about how to access your credit report and what it means. Please note in some circumstances these companies may charge to access your credit file.

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About Amanda Bentham from Beaumont Credit Repair

Amanda Bentham is a lawyer with over ten years’ experience in investigations and dispute resolution, mediation, conciliation and regulatory compliance.

She has worked across a number of industries, including consumer law, credit reporting and credit defaults, telecommunications, privacy, education, and fraud and corruption. Amanda has the knowledge and experience to advocate for her clients, and is also able to apply her legal skills to other issues associated with a credit file complaint.

Amanda is based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne; however, offers her services Australia wide as most work can be done remotely.

In addition to her Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from the Australian Defence Force Academy/ UNSW.

“Our service takes away the stress and time needed to deal with complaints. We ensure our clients understand their credit file, our processes, and expected outcomes so there are no surprises”

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