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We provide business advice and proven business tool sets to help you improve performance.

Business Advice and Consulting

At Beaumont Advisory, we believe we share a common goal with you – that of being able to measure and quantify how we add value to your business. Advice is just interesting unless it makes a difference to the issue you need to change or improve.

We focus on getting business owners to a business solution that delivers different results.

We share our expertise with you from a foundation of caring and robust relationships that enable our skills, together with your experience to solve your problems in ways that strengthen your business.

You are sure to have heard of the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”.

What is apparent in today’s business climate is that running a profitable business is definitely an experience during “interesting times”.

Business Advisory provides business advice and access to proven international toolsets which enables business leaders like yourself to ensure the hearts and minds, skills and experiences, motivation and attitude of all members of your teams are working together to deliver your business results. All whilst your business environment continues to change very quickly and very unpredictably.

We offer support in:

-Business Growth & Scaling

Business Planning and Engagement – facilitating Strategic Plans that support your aspirations, and engage everyone in achieving them quicker, and cheaper than they might otherwise.

Business Structure – ensuring that your business has the right structure to remain flexible and agile whilst delivering to clients.

Business Succession Planning – involves supporting business owners as they prepare and then sell or pass on their business.

SME Growth Programs and Business Coaching – supporting consolidation and growth for small business who are determined to grow profits and market share.

-Change Management

Change leadership – ensuring the leadership required to implement changes supports its continued success

Managing Change – ensuring your people are Change Fit – and therefore able to avoid becoming change weary.

-Leadership Development

Senior Team Development – to develop senior teams so they are aligned, have robust relations and think differently delivers repeatable excellent performance.

Organisational Development – growing the internal capacity of teams and people to share their innovation and experience to achieve strategic goals.

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Barbara Craven

Barbara Craven

Beaumont Advisory

Business Advice and consulting on change leading, business growth, improved performance and leadership development for businesses to achieve a sustainable profit and legacy within a turbulent and ever fast changing world.

I enable people to see themselves in their workplace from a different perspective – so they are able to make the decision to change their own behavior to deliver different results. This means helping people to feel supported, understood and when necessary – challenged.”

Barbara grew up in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa before immigrating to Australia. She has worked at Board and Director levels in Southern Africa and Australia across retail, health, education and financial industries.

Barbara has been consulting in her area of passion which is Organisational Development, Change management, and General management support.


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Psychology Hons
  • Masters in Organisational Psychology
  • Masters in Business Leadership

Business Skills
General Management and Board Experience internationally and in Australia.
She combines her psychological and business skills to enable business leaders to deliver the changes in performance in their business through their people.

Specialist areas of Experience
Competitive Advantage assessment, strategic reviews and Planning, change management, executive leadership facilitation and team development.

I enjoy traveling locally and abroad, animal care, rambling, hiking, and all water leisure activities.

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