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If you’re looking to buy or sell property, let Kinley Conveyancing’s experienced team help you through the process

They will ensure you meet your legal obligations and that your rights are protected.

Whether you want to buy or sell property, subdivide land, amend a title, or register, change or remove an easement, there are a lot of complex legal requirements that must be adhered to. It is recommended you engage a registered conveyancer to carry out these tasks, and the professional conveyancers and solicitors at Kinley Conveyancing are here to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Conveyance Law

We can help you with:

 Sale of Property
Purchase of Property
Section 32 Preparation
Off the Plan Purchases
Plans of Subdivision
Review Contracts

What does a Conveyancer do?

Kinley ConveyancingPurchase or Sale of Property

The sale or purchase of land is legally complex and requires review and lodgement of documents, and regular contact with involved parties to ensure the process goes smoothly. A conveyancer will represent you during the transaction.

If you are thinking about buying a home, the conveyancer can offer you advice about the properties you are interested in buying. Prior to placing an offer for a property, you are given a document known as a Section 32 that details particulars about the property. Some of these documents can be hundreds of pages long and use legal language you may not understand. An experienced conveyancer can quickly identify and point out potential issues in the Section 32 document that may cause you to rethink making an offer, or at least prepare you for possible issues down the track.

On the other side, you may be selling your property and need to prepare a Section 32. After speaking to you about your property and getting the required information, your conveyancer can source many of the documents and information required for the Section 32 and they will put it together for you.

The Section 32 is only one element of a property sale. Between the signing of the Contract of Sale and settlement, your conveyancer will stay on top of document lodgement, and communication with the other party and will also liaise with banks. They’ll also calculate the rates and taxes relating to the property. Experienced conveyancers like the Kinley  Conveyancing team are able to quickly identify any problems and rectify them to try and avoid any delays with the settlement. They will continually monitor the transaction and will act on your behalf until its conclusion while keeping you informed and prepared during all stages of the transaction.

Other Property Transactions

Conveyancers don’t only deal with the sale and purchase of land, they can also help you with:

  • Subdivisions
    Your conveyancer can advise you on any rules affecting your plans for subdivision, including your intended use of the property. A lot of land is subject to rules about type and number of structures that can be built, and you may be restricted in what activity can be carried out on the property. For example commercial and industrial activities may not be able to take place in some residential areas.
  • Updating title
    You may need to update the title of a property. The title owner is seen as the registered owner of a property. An example of a title update is upon the death of a title owner.
  • Registering, changing or removing easements
    An easement is most easily explained as a right of someone who is not the property owner to use something on the property. For example, a stormwater pipe that runs underground across multiple properties or a shared driveway. There are complex rights relating to easements and they require experts to help you understand your rights and those of others.
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Conveyancer Mooroolbark, Beaumont

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